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Septic Permit Requirements - The following items will be required to complete this permit:

Note: You can also use the Septic Calculator to get preliminary specs.
Property Location (you can search by address, owner, or PIN).
Property owner's phone number
Contact information - where the permit will be sent
Percolation Test Results - 3 holes MINIMUM.
Note: A percolation test is not required if either of the following is true:
  • The laterals are not being replaced
  • The system is to serve a single toilet, and/or a single shower and/or a single sink in an accessory building. This must not be the primary system for the property.
Nearest private well (if under 100ft)
Nearest municipal well (if under 100ft)
Nearest lake, stream, or waterway (if under 100ft)
Distance to groundwater from surface (if under 6ft)
New or existing structure
Residential Only:
  • Number of bedrooms
Multi-Family Residential Only:
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Living space (sq ft)
  • Bedrooms per unit
  • Garage space (sq ft)
  • Number of units
  • Total area (sq ft)
  • Total bedrooms
Commercial Only:
  • Capacity of site in people
  • Site size in square feet
Construction of a new system or complete replacement of a system/Alteration of an existing system
The following items are required if they are being installed, modified, or replaced:
  • Tank construction material
  • Tank type
  • Type of laterals
  • Distribution box type
All contractors involved with permit. You will need their name, registration number, or phone number to add your contractors to the permit. All contractors are required to be registered with Iowa Workforce Development.

All of the above information is required to complete this permit application.
If you do not have all of the above information, you will be unable to complete your permit.

Pre-siting your system design by the Public Health Department is
recommended before work starts.
If you don't contact the Public Health Department before starting work,
you do so at your own risk.

Questions? Contact Planning, Zoning, and Public Health at (641) 754-6370.

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