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Commercial WECS Permit Requirements -
The following items will be required to complete this permit:

Property Location (you can search by address, owner, or PIN).
Contact information - where the permit will be sent
Bankruptcy, Contract, Civil Suit, or Foreclosure information. This includes all contact person(s).
Total generating capacity (low to high)
Number of turbines (low to high)
Name plate generating capacity (per turbine - low to high)
Tower height (low to high)
Rotor diameter (low to high)
Means of interconnection with the electrical grid
Attachments (these may be e-mailed to
  • Site layout, including the location of property lines, wind turbines, electrical wires, interconnection points with the electrical grid, and all related accessory structures. The site layout shall include distances and be drawn to scale.
  • Engineer's certification(s) as required in these supplemental standards.
  • Documentation of land ownership or legal control of the property.
  • A USGS topographical map, or map with similar data, of the property and surrounding area, including any other WECS within 10 rotor diameters of the proposed WECS.
  • Location of wetlands, scenic, and natural areas [including bluffs] within 1,320 feet of the proposed WECS.
  • An Acoustical analysis
  • FAA Permit Application
  • Location of all known communications towers/facilities within 2 miles of the proposed WECS.
  • Decommissioning Plan
  • Description of potential impacts on nearby WECS and wind resources on adjacent properties.
  • Identification of significant migratory patterns and nesting areas for birds in the vicinity.

All of the above information is required to complete this permit application. If you do not have all of the above information, you will be unable to complete your permit.

Questions? Contact Planning, Zoning, and Public Health at (641) 754-6370.

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