Marshall County, Iowa


Building Permit Requirements -
The following items will be required to complete this permit:

All parcels involved in the permit
Commercial/Residential construction
Contact name, address, and phone number
Owners phone number
Frontage (This is the Right of Way line adjacent to the road your house is addressed on)
Date to begin and end construction
Type of improvement
Intended use
Overall dimensions
If a variance exists, the variance number
Estimated cost of materials & labor
For each structure:
  • Construction type
  • Structure type
  • Set back from the right of way line
  • Both side lot set backs
  • Set back from rear lot line
  • Set back from rear line of principle structure (accessory and outbuildings)
  • Flag lot line set back (if applicable)
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of families
  • Number of stories
  • If an accessory building is attached
Square footage:
  • Residential:
    • Basement
    • 1st Floor
    • 2nd Floor
    • Garage
    • Decks
    • Carport
    • Porches
    • Other (plus description)
    • Average height of construction
  • Commercial:
    • Occupancy
    • Office Space
    • Showroom
    • Warehouse/Storage
    • Loading Area
    • Garage/Shop
    • Parking Area
    • Average Height of Construction
    • Height of Structure (Towers and Turbines)
All contractors involved with permit. You will need their name, registration number, or phone number to add your contractors to the permit. All contractors are required to be registered with Iowa Workforce Development.

All of the above information is required to complete this permit application. If you do not have all of the above information, you will be unable to complete your permit.

Questions? Contact Planning, Zoning, and Public Health at (641) 754-6370.

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