Marshall County ePermits - Septic System Estimator


This form is for calculating the minimum requirements for a septic
system and is only applicable to single family residential systems.
If you have questions, or need to get minimum specifications on another type
of system, please contact Planning, Zoning, and Public Health at (641) 754-6370.
Property Type
Number of bedrooms in house:

Period Used:
Holes Used:
Hole Size: Please enter as a decimal to the nearest quarter inch. Ex: 1.25
  1st Hole
2nd Hole
3rd Hole
4th Hole
1st Interval
2nd Interval
3rd Interval
4th Interval
Percolation rate:
Type of lateral:
Minimum Tank capacity:
Minimum Total length of laterals:
lineal ft

Questions? Contact Planning, Zoning, and Public Health at (641) 754-6370.

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