Marshall County, Iowa

The ePermits app has been created to provide web based forms to submit permit requests to be considered by the Marshal County Planning and Zoning Department.

ePermits Conventions

Forms submitted should be filled as completely as possible. Failure to provide correct information is considered perjury and will be prosecuted.

When logging in, form information pertaining to the applicant will be automatically filled from the user's profile. This can be changed in the form or updated on the user's profile.

Payment information submitted to be stored for the user is encrypted to prevent access by anyone who does not have your username and password. Use password best practices.

** Requests are not considered until after payment is received. **

Request Validation Proceedure

Once a payment is received, the request will be reviewed for validity. When the submission has been reviewed, an email notification will be sent if the user has provided an email as to whether or not the item has been accepted.

If further information is needed, the process may be delayed until contact with the user to obtain details is established. Plat and subdivision surveys that require more than 1 updated submission will incur additional fees.

A user with a loggin may also check his submission status under 'MyAccounts'.

Questions? Contact Planning, Zoning, and Public Health at (641) 754-6370.

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